Coates Bros Contractors Ltd

Preparation, seeding, maintenance & weed control

Coates Bros Contractors are approved contractors for the provision of landscape maintenance processes including the application of pesticides to control weeds.

We have been maintaining the soft landscape on the major trunk roads in East Anglia for many years. We have a modern fleet of specialist equipment operated by fully trained and experienced operatives. We ensure a high standard of work at all times and offer a very professional service.

This includes:

  • Verge cutting
    Roadside grass cutting and hedge trimming


  • Steep angle batter/embankment cutting
    Suitable for the banks of reservoirs,and other steep sided road banks or land.


  • Weed spraying
    Growth control on roadways, lawns, paddocks, fields and verges etc


  • Strimming
    Manual operatives with petrol grass cutters


  • Removal of briars and dense undergrowth


  • Stone drain aeration
    Unblocking, and clearing of french-drains from weeds, stones and debris using purpose built offset equipment to loosen the stones in the trench, allowing the water to run away.


Horse Paddock Maintenance

  • Harrowing
  • Muck removal
  • Ragwort removal
  • Topping
  • Fertilising
  • ReĀ­seeding